Ithete blasts foreigners for taking land


Nuusita Ashipala

Ongwediva-The Deputy Minister of Finance Natangwe Ithete has lashed out at foreigners occupying land at the expense of locals, and those who come to the country to pursue personal advances rather than investing in the country.

The fired-up Ithete, who was particularly addressing the issue of land owned by white farmers, called on the Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) to take the lead in formulating policies that will enable the government to repossesses such land.

He warned that the days of playing games are long gone and those who do not want to sell the land fairly back to the government through the willing buyer, willing seller approach, which is to their advantage, should pack up and leave.

“We are not supposed to buy the land, we are just doing it because of peace.  If they think our elders went into exile to fight for mahala and not for land they are lying to themselves – we are coming.  Swapo Youth League should take the lead and inform the government that enough is enough. We are not yet free until we have the land in our hands. SPYL, I am urging you to engage the government at the envisaged land policy conference to get this land back,” said Ithete.

He said the land will not be repossessed by means of grabbing.
“These foreigners who come to our country for foreign tenders and they take our money and go without even building a school must stop. We need foreigners and they are more than welcome but if they do come they should directly invest in our economy,” said Ithete.
Ithete exploded at a SPYL Oshana regional conference on Saturday.

In the same vein Ithete called on the youth, irrespective of their political affiliation, to unite so that they collectively correct and advise the government when “it is getting off the road”.
Ithete furthermore called on the opposition youths to join Swapo and collectively draft policies that will assist in governing as the youth are the majority of voters who put Swapo in the position to govern.

“Thesethings of telling people you are from DTA or CoD – that is history. We as the young people need to mobilize each other and join the progressive movement Swapo.  As a young people we decided through the ballot papers there should be a Swapo government,” said Ithete.

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