World’s most expensive burger


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Windhoek-If you love hamburgers or simply just burgers and are a foodie, the Diego Buik is the burger to have.

As of May 28, the Diego Buik burger is the world’s most expensive burger. It costs… wait for it… N$28,000 a pop or US$2,300. Yes, it is a price of a second-hand Toyota ‘Dankie Botswana’ Corolla or second-hand import at Jan Japan Cars.

What does it come with, you might ask? Well, for a start there is a sprinkle of the best caviar on the burger, but that is not the reason it is expensive. Not even the fact that the bun is ‘a saffron brioche’ (Google it) and is wrapped in a thin layer of gold.

And it is accompanied by an expensive bottle of gin, for reasons you will learn later in the story, when we come to the ingredients.

For now, let us introduce you to the man – yes, he is a man – who created the world’s most expensive burger. He is dubbed the Hamburger King of the Netherlands, although he has cooked his way across a number of restaurant kitchens in Europe.

His name is Diego Buik and he has won an award for creating the best burger in the town of Rotterdam, and, according to the accounts of those who interviewed him in the flesh, he has a burger tattoo on his forearm.

At his previous workplace, Buik sold 15,000 burgers in six months. To celebrate, he organised an event, featuring 100 limited edition burgers, and swore he would never make the same burger again.

It then came that for this year’s International Hamburger Day (I bet you did not know they have a day for burgers) he created the most expensive burger. It also won recognition in Guinness Book of World Records.

Now back to the expensive burger. What’s on the darn thing to make it so expensive, you ask? Well, brace yourself. But first open your browser to Google, you will need to Google a number of these things as you read. And even then you might not get the picture or appreciate this burger.

The bun – which as we told you is a saffron brioche – is worth N$1,731. The sauce on the ingredients is poured from a bottle that cost N$1,297 to buy. The sauce is a special concoction made with 35 lobsters, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, Madagascan vanilla, saffron and Japanese soy.

Then there is N$216 worth of fresh French lettuce and Japanese tomatoes that cost N$1,152 per kilogram. The meat patty is made from a bed of Japanese dry-aged Waygu and Black Angus beef, which cost over N$9,000 per kilogram.

Then there is the foie gras that cost N$1,297 per kilogram. There is also a lobster, but not any kind of lobster, no. This lobster hails from the River Oosterschelde and is injected with Hermit gin, which is made with water from that same river and costs N$570 a kilogram.
Then there is ham, Iberian ham to be precise, that cost N$2,300 per kilogram. We did tell you that there is caviar sprinkled on this burger, right?

How does it taste? According to Alex Krancher, who wrote a review for the online food publication, Munchies, even the chef himself said it was not the most delicious burger he ever had.

Both the writer and the chef did concede that the most expensive burger is delicious, just too pricey. But if you are loaded and want one, please make a reservation well in advance. “It takes a lot of prep time,” said the chef.


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