Murder accused’s fate in PG’s hands


Maria Amakali

Windhoek-The Prosecutor-General is set to decide the future of two men accused of murder.
Eighteen-year-old Faizel Jason Minnies and Quinton Cloete, 21, took the stand in Katutura Magistrate’s Court yesterday to answer regarding their connection to the death of Rafael Romanus Marishanu in May 2014.

Marishanu died after he was stabbed in the back on August 22, 2014 following an argument. According to Minnie’s testimony, the trio were drunk as they had been out drinking in the vicinity of Otjomuise, Windhoek.

The deceased came running towards him after someone else robbed him. A tussle ensued between Minnies and the deceased, but he managed to get away from the deceased.

Through his recollection of events that transpired that night, the deceased had allegedly already been stabbed when they started wrestling, although one of his friends – Cloete – reportedly gave him a knife so that he can stab him.

Cloete allegedly gave Minnies the knife to stab the deceased, so that he would leave him alone. Minnies explained that he attempted to stab him, but missed and the deceased allegedly fled the scene and walked into a bar, leaving the two behind.

According to the prosecution, on May 2, 2014 the deceased had left his home for a drink at a local bar, but was never seen alive again. He was found dead by locals few days later with a stab wound. Marishanu had died from a penetrating wound to the heart inflicted on him from the back.

Since the duo were only arrested on August 22, 2014 they in the interim got into more trouble with the law and chalked up two more cases of assault, read with the provisions of combating gender-based violence, and robbery, which are still on the court roll.
Minnies and his co-accused are nevertheless both out on bail.

Magistrate Antonius Shapumba gave a final remand for the Prosecutor General to decide in the matter and postponed the case to July 17.


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