NBL accident kick-starts weekend for looters


Strauss Lunyangwe

Windhoek-Ohlthaver & List Group manager for communications Roux-Che Locke has confirmed that an accident involving one of Namibia Breweries Limited’s (NBL) outsourced transport service providers, Imperial (IML), occurred on Friday in Windhoek, which led to the public looting beers from the scene.

The accident happened in the informal settlement of Havana, and resulted in people looting what is estimated to be thousands of dollars’ worth beer.

The IML sub-contractor was travelling with a replacement load of beer, comprised of mixed pallets and stock keeping units (SKUs) from NBL’s main site to its central distribution centre via Katutura when the truck was involved in the accident that resulted in the loss of four pallets.

Locke added: “… The last four pallets were then looted from the truck as a video clip surfaced online that went viral on social media platforms. A formal investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the accident and establish the total value of stock-loss.”

A similar accident was also reported about a month ago, when an Imperial Logistics Namibia’s driver had to swerve to supposedly avoid an accident, causing his cargo to dislodge on the Monte Christo Road in the Lafrenz Industrial Area. The same scenario of looting played out then, as members of the public were seen looting the cargo. The stock loss of that incident could also not be confirmed as it was deemed “sensitive information”.


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