Standard Bank mistreating customers


Could someone please investigate why Standard Bank Namibia just started deducting swiping fees of hundreds of dollars from their clients’ accounts without notification? Upon enquiry about what’s going on we were told there was a system error last year and they are only just picking it up now. No notification was received. Only after noise was made from clients did they decide to send out a text message recently. I want to formally report them to Bank of Namibia.


  1. This is a very serious matter it needs to be investigated i am also a victim . how many bank charges are one liable to pay, is it on each transaction, what is the difference between latest and available balance, please tell the bank to more awareness campaign in funicular language of the country, they on the edge of losing customers

  2. I totally agree I was told to move to Prestige to avoid this but it only got worse. I was told they will only deduct a fixed amount per month and to swipe and withdraw money is for free but it is not true they are deducting money for every transaction plus then they are still deducting a service fee and this money is adding up to +-N$1000.00 per month is this even legal?


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