Erongo’s budget focuses on railway rehabilitation and town infrastructure


Desie Heita

Windhoek-The development budget for Erongo Region has prioritised the rehabilitation of railway infrastructure in the region, along with construction and rehabilitation of roads, and the setting up of service infrastructure.

Erongo is allocated N$622.4 million in the development budget for this financial year. A bulk of that money, which at N$376.8 million is more than half of the entire budget, goes towards transport infrastructure. The money is apportioned as N$217 million for railway network upgrading, while N$70 million is set aside for the upgrading of the 44-kilometre stretch of road between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay.

There is also an allocation of N$40 million for the construction of the 412-kilometre road that will link Swakopmund to Kamanjab in Kunene Region, at the coastal town of Henties Bay.
The construction of the air traffic control towers in the region is allocated N$30 million. All these programmes are funded through the Ministry of Works and Transport.

The Ministry of Land Reform is allocated nearly N$30 million, out of which N$25 million is for the land purchase programme. The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources is allocated N$2.7 million for the extension of the Henties Bay satellite office.

The construction of services infrastructure in the region is allocated N$40 million, with the towns of Omaruru, Usakos and Arandis receiving N$4 million each for that very purpose. The towns of Walvis Bay and Henties Bay receive N$5 million each, while Omatjete and Uis receive N$2 million each. Swakopmund is allocated N$10 million – all through the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development.

The Ministry of Environment and Tourism receives nearly N$17 million for construction of staff accommodation. The agriculture ministry receives N$18 million for various activities including de-bushing in communal areas and development of animal and plant health inspection centres.

The Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development is allocated N$35.3 million for a number of activities that range from the construction of industrial premises to further develop the industrialisation programme in the region, and construction of a testing and inspection centre for the Namibian Standards Institution in Walvis Bay.

The Ministry of Health and Social Services is allocated N$20 million for the upgrading and renovation of the hospitals in Walvis Bay, Swakopmund and Usakos, as well as to extend primary health care in the region.

The Ministry of Defence receives N$43.2 million for construction of the naval base and the Karibib airport for the air force. The education ministry received nearly N$20 million for upgrading and renovation of schools and hostels and construction of a new primary school in Swakopmund. The upgrading of correctional facilities in Swakopmund and Walvis Bay has also been budgeted for with N$5.8 million.


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