Zambezi residents support standard time


Aron Mushaukwa
Katima Mulilo

Residents of the Zambezi Region support a proposal to have one standard time for the entire country.

Although the region never switches to winter time, Zambezi residents are of the view the time change affects them as their time remains one hour ahead of other regions when the country changes to winter time.

“We fully support the bill to have a standard time.  Having different times creates confusion and raises questions as if we are separate from the entire country,” said Regina Ndopu-Lubinda the chief regional officer for Zambezi.

Ndopu-Lubinda made the comments during recent visit of the parliamentary standing committee on the time change bill to the Zambezi Region, where they met with community members to gauge their views. She said the region never switches to winter time as it will put the safety of residents at risk.

“If we change time it will mean the sun will set at 17h00.  We are also a border town and our neighbouring countries never change time, so if we change there will be confusion, the border will be open this side and closed the other side,” she added.

She said having a different time from the rest of the country always makes it difficult to communicate with fellow citizens in other regions, as it means residents of Zambezi during winter time report an hour earlier for work but knock off an hour earlier as well.

“You will find a situation whereby people from Windhoek are calling when we have already knocked off and if by chance you were still in the office and answered the call they will complain no one is picking up, and you have to remind them we are an hour ahead,” she elaborated.

“I have travelled to some countries where they have different time zones depending on the geographic location – perhaps government should look it in that way, so that no one gets affected by the time change,” suggested Royd Likando a member of the Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL).

National Democratic Party’s Martin Lukato welcomed the bill, stressing he fully supports it. “It is a good thing that you are making these consultations on behalf of the NDP. I fully support the bill to have a standard time throughout the year,” said Lukato.


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