Hai//om ‘not supporting ancestral land claims’


Staff Reporter

Chief of the Hai//om Traditional Authority David Khamuxab has pointed out to New Era that his traditional authority is not supporting the San’s ancestral claims to Etosha that is currently before court. In a story that appeared on May 30, under the headline ‘Hai//om counting chickens before they hatch’, New Era reported that Khamuxab had revealed the plans the traditional authority has for the N$3.9 billion being claimed from the government as compensation for Etosha.

Khamuxab however pointed out that the traditional authority is being cited as respondent number three in the court proceedings.

However, the story inadvertently misrepresented the facts, owing to the fact the interview was conducted through a translator.

Khamuxab points out that the government has bought four farms for the Hai//om Traditional Authority on the southern side of Etosha National Park. The traditional authority also says it currently receives income through the exclusive tourism concession to enable the Hai//om San to attract investment from the private sector to build and jointly manage a tourism lodge on their land outside the park.

Khamuxab says currently the authority is in an advanced position to negotiate with investors for joint venture activities in tourism related businesses that would pour more proceeds into the traditional authority’s development fund.

It was on that basis, Khamuxab said, that he spoke about meeting “with local advisors to determine what developments we can do with the money. We could look at buying farms or any other immovable properties.”


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