Councillor deplores rampant stock theft


Kuzeeko Tjitemisa

Epukiro constituency councillor Cornelius Kanguatjivi has condemned the spiralling levels of stock theft in his constituency.

Speaking to New Era yesterday, Kanguatjivi said there was a high level of cattle rustling in his constituency, especially in the areas of Otjitundu and Ovinjuru.

“Police have since impounded about 18 cattle at Otjitundu and in this regard we call on victims to come forward to identify their livestock,” he said.

“I am deeply touched, because my fellow livestock farmers have had their livestock stolen until we stood up and formed a group to protect our cattle from being stolen,” Kanguatjivi said.

He called on farmers in his constituency to rally behind the various initiatives launched to curb stock theft in the constituency.

He said in most cases culprits are those from his areas of Otjitundu and Ovinjuru, but they conspired with those from other areas.
When people from his area steal they hand the cattle over to those from other areas to sell, but he said he is working hard with traditional leaders to ensure that these acts come to an end.

There was a need for his community to team up with their traditional leaders to see how best they could resolve the problem of stock theft in the region.


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