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    WINDHOEK, 08 November 2026 - Minister of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development Immanuel Ngatjizeko speaks during a panel discussion at the Ivest in Namibia conference. (Photo by: Joseph Nekaya) NAMPA

    Query: We the Security Guards of Bullet Security Service, want to know why government is not following up on the new salary rate they have set for Security Guards? We are still on the N$6.75 per hour rate while some of the companies are paying N$8.75 to their guards.

    Response: The Government Gazette which is currently in force was entered into in December 2014. The current minimum rates for Security Guards according to this Gazette are N$6.75 per hour with effect from 1 August 2015 for those who use to earn N$5.30 per hour on 1 August 2014 and N$7.00 per hour for those who use to earn N$6.75 per hour on 1 August 2014.

    In relations to the “new salary rate” as questioned by the author, there is a new Collective Agreement between the employers and Trade Unions in the Security Industry, however it’s not yet gazetted. The new Agreement was signed in December 2016 and it became effective as from 1 January 2017. Although not yet gazetted, parties to this Collective Agreement must implement it and do not need to wait for the gazette. In the meantime, the Collective Agreement does not apply to the whole sector until it is extended by the Minister of Labour through the gazette. The Collective Agreement will only be extended to non-parties if no objections are received from the public.

    This Ministry in consultation with the parties to the Collective Agreement will speed up the process of extending the Collective Agreement to non-partisans. A notice calling for objections will be issued soon in the Government Gazette in accordance with section 71 of the Labour Act.

    Query: Ministry of Works or Labour, we the Namibian truck drivers want minimum wages.
    Response: The Truck Drivers’ representatives and their Trade Union had meetings already with the Permanent Secretary to look into the possibility of setting up a minimum wage for Truck Drivers. It was agreed at these meetings that other role players be consulted and the process is well on course. In addition, this Ministry is looking at a long term strategy of setting up National Minimum Wage.

    Ms Maria N. Hedimbi, Chief Public Relations Officer, Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation, Email Address:


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