Opuwo trade fair attracts regional exhibitors


Alvine Kapitako


The Opuwo trade fair slated for next week is expected to attract exhibitors from as far as Tanzania and Zimbabwe as part of an effort to lure investors to the Kunene region.

Sean Makono, the local economic development officer at the Opuwo Town Council explained that the objectives of the trade fair were to support and retain businesses in Opuwo, market the town and lure investors to the town and region.

In addition, the trade fair would create a platform to ensure and facilitate employment creation and poverty reduction through effective market services and create opportunities through business networking.

Furthermore, the trade fair aims at attracting institutions and corporations that are not found in Kunene region to bring services closer to the people of the region, especially marginalised citizens.

“We want them to understand the importance of the use of certain offices and institutions,” Makono added. The trade fair is scheduled for 29 May until 3 June.

“As much as we have attracted exhibitors from other countries such as Tanzania and Zimbabwe we will pull a huge crowd domestically as tourism is on a rapid increase in the (Kunene) region,” he stated.

He told New Era that exhibitors would amongst others sell and display leather products, clothes, educational information, kiddie’s accessories, foods and different types of drinks and traditional Himba products.

Makono noted that about 120 exhibitors had registered this year.

The trade fair will take place at the Newman Katuta stadium. “This year we will have a ground breaking ceremony of the new Opuwo business centre after which construction of phase one will begin,” Makono said.

They have added new dimensions to the trade fair by incorporating sports activities, a livestock show, auctioning of livestock and performances by local artists.


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