Rundu CEO, council under investigation


John Muyamba

Rundu Mayor Verna Sinimbo has enlisted the services of a private investigator to probe suspected corruption involving Chief Executive Officer, Romanus Haironga.

New Era has learned from reliable sources that on May 16 the mayor appointed private investigator Linus Neumbo of Neumbo Private Detectives Agency to carry out the task of investigating all incidents of alleged corrupt practices against the CEO.

Neumbo’s assignment includes ensuring the probe covers the identified areas of the investigations, interviewing all potential witnesses and obtaining statements as part of the investigation.

He will then furnish council with a record of the findings resulting from the investigation.
When contacted for comment Sinimbo said, “It’s true that we have appointed an investigation team to investigate various matters. We will use the Local Authorities Act of 1992 as our guide.

“If you can recall during our 1st council meeting in February we made it clear that 2017 is a year of rededication and performance.

“However, we realised that our council is not performing at all. It is a serious concern for us as politicians. We pass resolutions and they are not implemented.

“Our electorate is not happy with the services we provide. The problem in this case lies with the implementers, because our administrators are reluctant.

“Look at our roads and the cleanliness of the town, but we have contractors that we pay money to every month. As a council, we are not happy with this performance.

“Rundu is one of the towns with great potential. We are supposed to be financially sound but that is not the case. We are not supposed to be where we are today. We can do better,” Sinimbo stated.

She maintained that the investigation would not only focus on the CEO but the entire council.
“We want to close the gaps and take the council to greater heights,” she said.

The Rundu CEO’s administration has on several occasions been accused of being incompetent and awarding tenders to incompetent contractors who are allegedly connected to the town’s administrators.

These contractors end up delivering substandard work, or no work at all, while they receive money from council coffers.

For instance, the administration has allegedly given waste collection tenders as well as tenders to do maintenance on Rundu roads to certain contractor, but the contractors are often unskilled and do not deliver the quality services expected.

Neumbo has in the recent past exposed corrupt practices where council officials have given tenders to their cronies amongst other corrupt practices, and now the mayor has given him the task of probing the CEO.

In documents seen by New Era, council additionally appointed Kadhila Amoomo Legal Practitioners to become part of the inquiry team.

“Council at its meeting held on Wednesday 3rd of May 2017, resolved to appoint Kadhila Amoomo Legal Practitioner as per section 29 (7) of the local authorities act of 1992 (Act No. 23 of 1992) to form part of our inquiry team to review and or investigate matters related to the administrative oversights of the Chief Executive Officer,” the chairperson of the council management committee, Anastasia Antonio, said in an official document appointing the law firm.

“With the principle of no person is guilty unless proven otherwise, the CEO will continue to work as the accounting officer during the investigations, on condition that he cooperates with and provides the inquiry team with relevant information and does not interfere,” Antonio said.

In the appointment letter, Antonio further stated that should council come to the realisation that there was interference, obstruction or non-cooperation with the enquiry team by the CEO and his office, council would not hesitate to seek appropriate suspensions to ensure the successful conclusion of the inquiries.
The target of the investigation, CEO Haironga, was unavailable for comment.


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