Regional Development Budget for 2017/18: Ohangwena – a region under developmental construction


Desie Heita

At N$312 million, Ohangwena Region has been a massive reduction in the allocated development budget for the current financial year, which is even smaller when compared to nearly N$600 million allocated in the 2015/16 financial year.

However, a number of development projects continue to receive funding. The construction of Eenhana sports complex remains on track with N$14 million allocated by the youth and sports ministry.

Overall the lion’s share allocation to the region is through the Ministry of Works and Transport, with N$103,6 million allocated for the railway extension, the upgrading to bitumen of the road from Ongenga to Oshakati, and from Eenhana to Oshigambo. There are also allocations to the construction of gravel roads in the region, such as the 19km road between Endola and Eembo, the 71km road between Etomba and Omundaungilo, the 47.7km road between Enyana and Olukula, and the 40km road between Oupili and Onkumbula. The upgrading to bitumen of the road from Omafo to Ongenga and eventually Outapi receives an allocation of N$1 million.

There is a further allocation of N$40 million to complete the 36km stretch of the road from Onhuno to Endola and throughout to Okatana.

Nevertheless, the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture has set aside N$65,7 million to spend on upgrading of schools and hostel accommodation in the region. Oshikunde Secondary School is again allocated N$8 million for this year while hostel and kitchen facilities at Shituwa Secondary School receive N$15 million.

There is N$5 million allocation for the construction of New Vision Secondary School at Epembe. There is also an allocation of N$10 million for the construction of Ohangwena Education Directorate Office. For the construction of teachers’ houses there is an allocation of N$6,6 million.

The health ministry has budgeted N$10,8 million for the renovation of homes of safety and shelters, upgrading primary healthcare clinics and do repair and maintenance in the region. The Ministry of Mines and Energy has set aside N$5,6 million for rural electrification programmes.

The Ministry of Justice has allocated N$12 million for the upgrading and construction of lower courts in the region.

Servicing of infrastructure is also on the budget, with the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development setting aside nearly N$54 million for the erection of service centres at Okongo, Eenhana and Helao Nafidi.

The agriculture ministry would spend N$29,5 million on de-bushing, rural water supply, forest management, and improvement of animal health.

There is also an allocation of N$3,3 million for the resettlement programme, through the Ministry of Land Reform as well as an allocation of N$1,4 million for the development of communal areas in the region.

Regional Allocation 2017/18

1. Khomas N$1,734 billion
2. Erongo N$622,397 million
3. //Kharas N$844,208 million
4. Otjozondjupa N$653,578 million
5. Oshana N$338,263 million
6. Oshikoto N$452,668 million
7. Omusati N$273,926 million
8. Omaheke N$203,051 million
9. Zambezi N$358,719 million
10. Ohangwena N$311,736 million
11. Hardap N$243,796 million
12. Kunene N$190,147 million
13. Kavango East N$241,853 million
14. Kavango West N$157,331 million


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