NDP’s Lukato indulges in daydreaming


Aron Mushaukwa

Katima Mulilo-President of the National Democratic Party (NDP) Martin Lukato, who is known for his political theatrics and is often stone broke, claims he has invested N$5 million to keep NDP afloat.

Lukato’s latest political drama that is most likely to raise eyebrows as to the sudden source of his ‘fortune’– that is if he is not again fantasizing – saw him make these claims to mark 14 years since he founded his party that has in the past failed to secure even a single seat, not even at village council level.

The former policeman who also previously made the outrageous claim that his party has 60 000 members says he availed the “N$5 million” sponsorship because he does not have a sponsor and that he wants his party, which is in essence a briefcase political outfit, to perform better in 2019 unlike in the past when he got zero seats.

“I sacrificed myself to form the political party with my own few resources and I still continue to sacrifice myself as a volunteer politician and servant of people. I have so far sacrificed myself to spend over N$5 million to make sure the party continues to live and operate,” bragged Lukato, whose latest pronouncements could not be independently verified.

He is also of the opinion there are many burning issues affecting the nation that still need to be addressed, like the full implementation of free education and increasing the pension grant.

“The non-implementation of free education up to tertiary level is still outstanding in order to accommodate both rich and poor. Namibian pensioners are entitled to receive N$4 000 to cater for their needs as they have served the nation and country at large – the N$1 200 they currently receive is not enough,” argued Lukato who did not say where he is going to get the extra N$2 800 from.

He insists he is God’s chosen Moses to lead the nation to the promised land of milk and honey, however he insisted this can only happen if Namibians elect him.

“For you to free yourself from oppression in power use peaceful weapons which are recognised by the international communities. During election time use the ballot to vote for the party of your choice in order to free yourself peacefully,” he added.

When asked about the source of his newly found riches the ever optimistic Lukato said he does not rest on his laurels.

He said he is a successful maize farmer in the Zambezi who also engages in poultry farming and has a lucrative venture where he plants beans and millet, among other cash crops.


  1. Hi Aron and the New Era. I’d like to point out that I’m really disappointed by how bias this article is. I understand that Lukato makes some quite interesting comments that are hard to believe and/or validate, but that doesn’t give you the go-ahead to write about him with such a tone. It’s very disrespectful and it’s really not the New Era I know. The global political scene has Donald Trump that makes who is fairly sexist and racist and is even more interesting than Lukato, but I’ve never come across an article that speaks of him in this manner. Let the NDP have a fair chance at part-taking in politics. All the best to Mr Lukato!


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