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Query: Minister Katrina Hanse-Himarwa, we want to hear from you if it’s true that the school hostels will not open on 29 May but 11 July because we, the pupils, are so confused right now.

Response: It has come to the attention of the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture that false information is being circulated informing parents and learners that schools are re-opening for the second trimester on 11 June 2017. The text reads: “I, Katrina Hanse-Himarwa, MEAC, act (2) of (2017), hereby giving information that the school with hostel are no more going to open on 29th May, THE DAY has been postponed to 11 June 2017. This is because the GVT is still struggling with costs and it will end up cutting too much from hostel schools i.e secondary schools. This information is available at our page on internet, an educational institution in Namibia.”

The Ministry would like to clarify the confusion and inform school principals, teachers, parents and learners that Tuesday, 30th of May 2017 remains the first school day for the second trimester as per the approved 2017 School Calendar while the hostels (for boarding learners) will open on the 29th of May 2017.

Furthermore, the MEAC act (2) of 2017 referred to in the text is fictional. The Ministry is guided by the Education Act (Act No.16 of 2001) and not the said ‘MEAC act’.
Likewise, the website provided is not that of the Ministry. The Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture’s official website is We understand the panic and confusion that this message has caused and would like to assure all learners, parents, guardians, teachers and all our stakeholders that the content is false and unfounded. Hostels open on the 29th of May 2017 while school hostel(s) personnel are expected to report for duty on the 26th of May 2017.

• Ms Johanna Absalom, Public Relations Office, Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture’s at 061-2933358/ 061-2933111 or e-mail:
Omusati Regional Council: Ogongo Constituency Office

Query: The committee of the people distributing the drought food at Otapaela village are not fair at all. Why are some homesteads not given drought food? Councillor of Ogongo, please investigate this issue and act swiftly in order to prevent a catastrophic situation. Save the people from dying of hunger and let Harambee be for the benefit of the whole community.

Response:  The Drought Relief Committee in Otapaela was consulted with regard to this issue. The committee stated that the drought relief food were given according to the criteria i.e. to the very poor and the poor as directed by the Constituency Office. All residents were informed of the changes that were made by the Government that due to financial constraints in the country it cannot afford to give food to everyone hence the criteria. Therefore 25 households were chosen to receive drought relief food and 8 households were removed from the list.

The committee further stated that the people who were removed from the list are those whose head of households are working in the government and some business people who sell mahangu wheat to the Ministry of Agriculture, meaning they are not very poor or poor.

According to the committee, villagers were also informed and advised to report any case of hunger to the committee or to the Headman and the Constituency Office but no one came forth with any complaint. There were no cases of hunger reported in Otapaela village.    The Headman was also consulted, and he stated that some people from his village complain that they are all affected by drought. Therefore they all need to get drought relief. However the food was given per the information given by the people to the Constituency Office that is to the very poor and the poor only. Some people who seem to be well off were removed from the list as requested by the office. People were told to come and report any case of hunger and any related difficulties but no one came to the Headman with any complaint.

The office received a directive from the Head Office to reduce the number of drought relief food beneficiaries according to the criteria (food should be given to the very poor and the poor) It was then implemented and it was at this point that people started complaining that they were equally deserving to benefit from drought relief food. That they should not be removed from the list.  These complaints are common in the whole constituency as well as in other constituencies and it was reported in the Report on Drought and Flood in constituencies and settlements and at the Administrative Divisional Meeting 01/2016/2017 on the 16th March 2017.

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