Kavango West aids self-support projects


Nambara Stefanus

Nkurenkuru-Thirty-seven income-generating projects in Kavango West Region recently received material worth more than N$1 million availed through the Kavango West Regional Council.

Chairperson of the Kavango West Regional Council, Joseph Sikongo, said the donations made by the regional council through its Rural Services Division together with the Administration Division are to help secure food security and alleviate poverty among the beneficiary communities

The director for general services, Mpasi Haingura, said that every financial year funds from the operational budget are set aside to fund income-generating projects to uplift the livelihood of communities by giving them grants.

Mpasi appealed to beneficiaries to sustain their projects to benefit communities and improve food security.

“They must work hard and be committed in sustaining their projects to render the needed services and quality products to the community,” he added.

When asked what criteria are followed to select beneficiary projects, he said projects are recommended for approval by their constituency offices and chosen according to their viability and location to avoid funding of the same projects in the same constituencies.

One of the beneficiaries, Ngoma Kostantine, who has a take-away business in Tondoro Constituency, expressed her happiness and applauded the regional council for the great work done, also appealing to the regional council to continue assisting those in need.

“This will enable me to run my business well and attract a lot of customers. My profits will now increase,” she added.

Another beneficiary Hamurenge Johannes, who has a brick-making project in Mankupi Constituency, also said he was happy to have been one of the recipients of the donations, adding that it will help create employment in his community.

The donations, which were received by the owners of the projects at the Nkurenkuru Community Hall, consisted of building materials, sewing machines, garden materials, among others.

• Nambara Stefanus is an information officer at the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) at Nkurenkuru based at the Kavango West Regional Office


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