Disabled object to bail in Impalila case


Aron Mushaukwa

Katima Mulilo-Persons living with disability in Katima Mulilo last Friday marched to the Katima Mulilo Magistrate’s Court to hand a petition to the magistrate in which they opposed bail being granted to two persons accused of culpable homicide for allegedly running over a disabled person at Impalila Island.

The fatal road incident took place in March.
The two accused are 45-year-old John Mununga, a Namibian citizen, and 22-year-old Zambian national Immanuel Mukubesa.

It is understood that on the night of March 21, Mununga was driving the vehicle that ran over Francis Masholo .

It is alleged that after Mununga ran him over the victim pleaded to be taken to the clinic so that huis injuries be treated, however Mununga with the help of his cattle herder Mukubesa allegedly hit him with unknown object to end his life. The duo then proceeded to hide his body in the bush and covered it with branches.

The body was discovered five days later by a passer-by who then alerted the police. Police investigations led to the arrest of Mununga and Mukubesa, who among others were charged with culpable homicide, defeating the course of justice and failing to report an accident.
Witnesses to what happened were in the vehicle driven by Mununga.

They had initially kept quiet after they were allegedly threatened by the main suspect.
The two accused made their second appearance in court on Friday and the case was postponed to August 28 to allow the suspects to apply for legal aid.
Vincent Nzaca was the magistrate and Steven Haradoed represented the State.


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