PM exhorts youth to respect elders


Loide Jason

Outapi-Prime Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila has counselled Namibian youth to strengthen the solid foundation laid through the past 27 years of independence for a future prosperous Namibia by respecting their leaders.

She said youth should desist from asking the leaders what they have done, but must start thinking what they can do to maintain the strong foundation of the country. It is time the youth respect their elders and stop insulting their elders, she said.

Kuugongelwa-Amadhila was speaking during the commemoration of the belated 57th anniversary of Swapo Party at Outapi in Omusati Region on Saturday, where she said the youth must make full use of the opportunities offered to them and desist from destructive tendencies of crime, alcohol abuse and the use of addictive substances.

She said unprotected sex, which exposes many youth to sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies, could ruin their future. “We prepare our youth to play this role by investing in their social development, including skills provision. We also invest in the creation of economic opportunities which they should harness to create prosperity for Namibia,” she said.

She further said people should take full charge of the destiny of the country by developing the country’s capacity to provide for the people’s needs and by unleashing their full potential to optimise their energies and creativities to take the country to a higher developmental level.

“Our freedom came through persistent efforts and personal sacrifice. We should be prepared to do the same to realise freedom from poverty and under-development,” she explained.

She said unity and peace are prerequisites for economic growth and development. “No development can take place in a situation of conflict and instability. We should therefore defend our peace and unity at all cost, for these came at great cost,” she accentuated.

She futher said that Namibia is a respected member of the international community that makes its voice heard on international platforms and contributes to the resolution of global challenges and the shaping of the world’s future.


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