Nujoma calls for more funding for education


Tuulikki Abraham

Lüderitz-Former president Dr Sam Nujoma has entreated the government to avail more funding to the Ministry of Education for better and more efficient education.

Nujoma made the appeal on Saturday when he visited the Maritime Museum Project in Lüderitz, where a presentation was made by the chairman of Lüderitz Waterfront, Dr Angel Tordesillas.

Tordesillas said the Lüderitz Waterfront management wants the Maritime Museum to be housed inside the transformed Old Power Station building. The proposed museum would be anchored on three pillars, namely fishing, mining and trading at sea.

The invitation to Nujoma was part of Lüderitz Waterfront’s outreach programme to connect with influential actors in the Namibian society to seek support for its development project and generally to promote the town of Lüderitz.

The Maritime Museum Project forms part of the multimillion-dollar Old Power Station development project, part of the second phase of Lüderitz Waterfront Development, which needs additional funding to be completed by 2019, the same year the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) is expected to open a campus at Lüderitz.

About 75 percent of the Waterfront project has been completed. The whole project will cost an estimated N$300 million.

The second phase of the Lüderitz Waterfront Development has attracted the participation of several government ministries, including the Ministry of Higher Education Training and Innovation, the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, and the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service.

The facility will host the Maritime Museum Project, NUST, an auditorium, an indoor and outdoor sport facility, among others, once completed. The Old Power Station is a large historical building located at the edge of the sea, established in 1911. It is listed as one of the largest buildings in Namibia.

Deputy Minister of Higher Education Training and Innovation Dr Becky Ndjoze-Ojo, on behalf of the Minister of the Minister of Education Training and Innovation Dr Itah Kandji-Murangi, expressed satisfaction with the progress made thus far and noted that NUST will open its doors in Lüderitz once the project has been completed.

She emphasised government’s commitment to bringing education facilities closer to the people.

In her welcoming remarks Lüderitz Deputy Mayor Brigitte Fredericks extended a word of welcome to the founding president and his delegation. Fredericks said Lüderitz was indebted to Nujoma for his visionary leadership, which prevented Lüderitz from becoming a ghost town, especially by convincing the Pescanova  group to invest here in the 90s.

“The economic lifespan of Lüderitz was revived, because of your visionary intervention and we applaud His Excellency, the Founding President and the Father of the Namibian Nation. We are truly delighted by your visit to our town in which you aim to acquaint yourself with the development issues in our town.”

Nujoma, who was on a two-day visit to Lüderitz also toured NovaNam’s fish processing factory and met with leaders of Lüderitz Town Council, whereby Lüderitz CEO Aunie Gideon and Namport manager at Lüderitz Max Kooper briefed him on the challenges faced.

He also visited the Lüderitz Waterfront that was inaugurated by him in May 2002, viewed the Maritime Museum artefacts and inspected the Old Power Station building.


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