Construction sector supports Opuwo’s economy


Alvine Kapitako

Windhoek-The construction sector in Opuwo has contributed to the growth of the town and an upsurge in the local economy of that town, according to Opuwo Town Council.

Local Economic Development officer Sean Makono said Opuwo is one of the few crime-free towns in Namibia and the local economy “is booming”. He said the construction sector is steadily improving and that many commercial and residential buildings are under construction.

“It is predicted that the economy of Opuwo will improve tremendously due to the discovery of iron ore in close proximity to the town,” Makono remarked. He said the iron ore deposit near Opuwo is believed to be one of the largest in the world.

“The spin-offs from the mining of the iron ore alone are enough to nourish vibrant local industries and stimulate unparalleled job opportunities in the region,” Makono noted, adding that currently Opuwo is “an untapped market” for investment’, where potential investors can set up shopping outlets, recreational facilities and hospitals.

The steady influx of workers and the business activities taking place would in due course oblige Opuwo to improve the local hospital and perhaps build another, Makono explained. He made the remarks in light of the upcoming Opuwo Trade Fair slated for May 27 to June 3.
The objective of the trade fair is to attract institutions and corporations to the region.

“We want them to bring their services closer to the people of the region, especially the marginalised citizens,” he said, adding that through the trade fair marginalised people in the region would become better acquainted with various institutions and corporations in the country.

The purpose of the trade fair is to facilitate employment creation through effective marketing of services and through business networking. This, he explained would contribute to poverty reduction. “We have attracted exhibitors from countries, such as Tanzania and Zimbabwe. We will also pull a huge crowd as tourism is on the increase,” Makono enthused.


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