Miss Namibia promises an extravagant fashion affair


Sabina Elago

Windhoek-McBright Kavari says he is ready to present the best cocktail collection he was assigned to work on. “A lot of ideas are running through my head now because I am known for drama but this time I want to have a very simple settle collection that will wow the audience. I am excited and can’t wait to show my outside the box cocktail wear,” he adds.

The designer has been strictly commissioned by the organiser to work on a black cocktail wear collection. “The organiser came up with the whole concept of the colour and everything, so I was told to work on a black collection were I put in a bit of colour display,” says McBright.

He has been busy working on his collection and everything is in place. “I am done with my scratches so I am busy getting fabric, then cut the paten only then I will cut and put everything together, so it’s hectic here,” says he.

“I must say it’s a dream come true for me to have been given this opportunity to dress Miss Namibia finalists. It has been a childhood dream and finally it’s here, says Donald Diergaardt who will be making the crowning evening gowns for the finalists. He has been putting his whole effort in making sure the gowns are extra ordinary because it is not every year that one gets the opportunity to dress the Miss Namibia finalists.

Diergaardt says the gowns are inspired by the vast open plains and desert of this beautiful country. “The ladies are going to grace the stage and audience in beautiful elegant evening gowns. I can’t wait to be working with the 12 beautiful finalists come July 1,” he excites.


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