Arts festival geared fire up Reho


Pinehas Nakaziko

Windhoek-Rehoboth communities are in for a real treat with the first ever Reho Arts Festival in the town next Saturday in the Origo School Hall.

The festival will include workshops and performances from different entertainers. with performances by Committed Artists of Namibia (CAN) as well as Rehoboth artists like Bernadine, John, Jadene, Nadia, Miss Shine, Birox, Hope, Tripple B’s Hazel & Explicit showcasing their talents, the event promises fire. Well-known Afrikaans rapper, Ikey Ixa, is the main performer during the festival. Other performances are from Spoken Word, Song Night, Free Your Mind, Terry, Tribute, Walvis Bay Outjie.

Organisers, the Reho Arts Club, says the initiative came about after careful consideration of the social degradation of especially the youth in Rehoboth, and the lack of constructive activities enhancing the skills, and experience of both adults and children of the community.

Thus this festival as a platform to facilitate young artists honing their craft. “By spending time with the youth, I became aware of the difficulties they face through peer pressure and general poverty prevailing. I realised that practicing their arts or crafts, generally alleviated their depressive circumstances by providing a healthy and creative outlet,” says the founder and director of the festival, Arlene Mouton.

Mouton adds that facing monetary difficulties, she have decided to host the Reho Arts Festival to raise startup funds to facilitate the Reho Arts Club in Rehoboth.

The main purpose for the event is to generate funds for the establishment of the Reho Arts Club initiative. According to her, there is a dire need in the small community for a platform to assist and facilitate upcoming artists to practice and hone their craft. “I feel it is important to – through using art as a means – bring about a mindset change toward favourable behaviour for the arts in general and by doing so, promoting a culture for the arts from grassroots level,” she says. The purpose of the club is to promote a positive environment in which to influence members of the community become positive and productive Namibian citizens instead of dwelling the streets and occupying themselves with negative thoughts and negative behaviour.

The Day to day running expenses for said club will be covered by funds generated through monthly shows and sponsors or partners. Funds will be deposited into the “Plethora Trading Trust” account, held at Nedbank. The trust account will henceforth serve as the official account for the Reho Arts Club.

Ticket for the festival will be sold for N$100 per adult and N$50 per child, 12 years and younger.


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