Serviced land a rare commodity at Lüderitz


Tuulikki Abraham

Lüderitz-The Lüderitz Town Council faces challenges of housing and land delivery due to limited financial resources, its chief executive officer said this week.

The situation is exacerbated by the topography of Lüderitz which is quite a challenge as it is expensive to install services on the rocky land the town sits on.

Lüderitz Town Council CEO Aunie Gideon told New Era this week the council has made provision for 2 000 erven during the current year, with some to be serviced through public-private partnership (PPP) joint ventures.

Council has approved two PPPs – one to build 130 houses for high-income and low-income earners at the town. It also submitted another PPP to the line ministry for approval to address the land challenge.

To tackle the challenge of land, the town council plans to expand the town boundaries with approval from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism. This will help the council secure more land on which to construct houses.

Currently the council is busy finalising the capital project for the financial year 2016/2017, which is to upgrade and interlock the one-kilometre road to Diaz school, as well as construction of a fire station. Council is also currently servicing 50 erven. The projects are expected to be finished in June.

For the financial year 2017/2018 the council will focus on construction of housing, especially to finalize the projects that were delayed due to the new procurement act.

The council has started the process to formalise Area 7 informal settlement, and through that the council realized it will not able to cater for everybody at Area 7, as only 400 erven will be allocated, while currently there are over 2 000 shack households in the area.

Therefore the council is busy developing two extensions – Benguela 4 and 5.
There are investment opportunities in Lüderitz in terms of high-income property development along the seaside, and also the Agatha Beach Development, renewable energy, aquaculture and tourism.

Unemployment in Lüderitz is quite high, and most people are employed in fishing companies and also by the mine. The fishing industry is the highest job creator in the town.


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