Kandorozu blames slow development on lack of funds


Ngaevarue Katjangua

Windhoek-Okakarara Constituency Councillor Vetaruhe Kandorozu has blamed the lack of development in his constituency on a lack of funds. In a telephonic interview yesterday, Kandorozu told New Era that for the past two financial years, the budget has neglected rural settlements in his constituency.

Consequently, he said, development in Okakarara Constituency’s rural settlements continues at a snail’s pace, as the Urban and Rural Development Ministry’s 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 financial year budget allocated no funds for the development of these areas.

Kandorozu said he had ambitious developmental plans of servicing land and decentralising government services for the four settlements, namely Okandjatu, Coblenz, Okatjoruu, and Okamatapati, which will not see the light of the day due to lack of funds.

“I wanted to service land before bringing any other development in these areas, I especially wanted to service land, so people could benefit from Build Together projects, social housing and the Shack Dwellers Federation programmes,” Kandorozu said.

A sum of N$21 million was allocated to the development budget of the regional council, of which N$20 million was for the construction of regional offices and N$1 million for rural services in the Kalkfeld settlement area.

According to the regional councillor, N$20 million was allocated to the development of settlements in the 2015/2016 financial year and returned to the government in response to the financial difficulties experienced by Treasury last year.

For the 2017/2018 financial year no funds were allocated to Okandjatu, Coblenz, Okatjoruu, and Okamatapati rural settlement areas. The regional councillor further bemoaned the late implementation of his plans to decentralise government services in Okondjatu and Coblenz settlements.

“There is a huge need for an office of Home Affairs in Okondjatu and I therefore wanted to service land, so I can apply for the construction of this office, as well as the construction of offices for veterinarians and extension services of the Ministry of Agriculture in Coblenz,” he explained.

“The two consecutive financial years have not been in favour of development in these areas. Currently, as we speak, there is no development going on in these areas or meaningful projects, such as those of housing, that people can benefit from, or generating employment for people in these areas,” Kandorozu stated.

Okakarara Constituency is an electoral constituency in the Otjozondjupa Region, consisting of the town and four proclaimed settlements, namely Okondjatu, Okamatapati, Coblenz and Okatjoruu. The surrounding area is demarcated as communal land.


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