Dawson murder trial begins


Maria Amakali

Windhoek-The trial of a man who stands accused of shooting and killing his co-worker in November 2016 started off on a slow note after it was revealed that investigations into the matter are yet to be finalised.

Julian Dawson, 38, faces a charge of murder following a shooting at a year-end work party at a bar in Windhoek late last year, which consequently resulted in the death of 35-year-old Sheku Bonifatius Tjihepo.

Making his first appearance since being granted bail in February this year, Dawson was informed by the prosecution that investigations into the case were yet to be finalised as the photoplan and lab results were not yet available, resulting in the postponement of the hearing.

Dawson was granted bail of N$10 000 after three months of incarceration.
He was arrested after gunning down his co-worker at a bar in Ausspannplatz, Windhoek. According to the prosecution, Dawson shot Tjihepo while they were wrestling for a gun.
Dawson’s case is that he killed Tjihepo in self-defence.

Allegations are that an initial argument broke out between the two men, which resulted in Dawson taking out a gun and firing three shots at random, while they were in the bar in the company of friends and colleagues.

However, Dawson allegedly got into another fight with another customer when he once again fired three rounds into the air.

An attempt to get the gun away from Dawson resulted in Tjihepo being shot after the two wrestled for the gun. Tjihepo died after one bullet penetrated his chest and another one his back. The two parties were both under the influence of alcohol, it is alleged.

Magistrate Brand van Platzen ordered a final remand for investigations to be finalized.


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