Thousands collected for Mujambere’s N$500 000 operation


Ngaevarue Katjangua

Windhoek-A sum of N$137 000 has been collected for a Namibian living in Canada, Charmain Mujambere, who is in urgent need of a N$500 000 operation that could save her life.

Mujambere, 27, who lives in Fort McMurray, Alberta, is suffering from severe headaches, caused by a lesion on her skull base that is pressing on her brain and would have to undergo an operation costing up to N$500 000.

She was supposed to have undergone an operation in October last year in Canada, but due to insufficient funds that did not happen and the family in Namibia has resorted to raising funds for surgery, as reported by New Era in February this year.

According to the president of a charity youth organisation called HANO, Nocky Kaapehi, the mother of Mujambere approached him to assist with raising funds for her daughter’s operation and he has been spearheading and facilitating the fundraising campaign ever since.
HANO is the acronym from the names of the organisation’s founders Steve Handura and Kaapehi, who founded the charity organisation in 2009 in Windhoek.

Charmain’s mother Kaundjerue Mujambere said the medical problem of her daughter started when she was 16 years old.

“HANO was approached by Charmain’s mother to assist with the fundraising and our role as HANO is therefore simple – to spearhead the campaign and monitor the progress. There is a trust fund in place where the parents are the signatories,” said Kaapehi.

The ongoing campaign has so far raised N$137 000 and an addition of cattle worth N$50 000 through events such as an Okakarara gala dinner held on April 27.

“In 2009 she underwent an operation where a biopsy was done to determine what the problem was but we never received the results,” said the mother Kaundjerue, as reported by New Era on February 22 this year.

When Mujambere relocated to Canada in 2011 the problem worsened. The condition has caused a swelling on the forehead and severe headaches for which she has had to be injected since 2015 to relieve the pain.

“Charmain was recently discharged from hospital where they were observing her brain movement and skull growth. The operation date is not yet set as the family await final results and a date from her doctor in Canada,” confirmed HANO president Kaapehi.

Speaking to New Era yesterday, family member Umanuka Mbuende said efforts to access the health ministry’s special fund reserved to assists patients who have to undergo major treatment they cannot afford, has been fruitless.

“I called the Ministry of Health and Social Services permanent secretary, who referred me to Customer Care Service but I have failed to get an appointment with someone who deals with the fund,” Mbuende said.


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