Angolan drug mule to remain in custody


Maria Amakali

Windhoek-The Angolan drug mule who was caught last year at Hosea Kutako International Airport with 123 pellets of cocaine in his stomach, worth nearly N$500 000, will remain in custody pending a formal bail application being launched in court.

Joao Huyeye, 41, has been in custody since his arrest on December 12, 2016 after he was found in possession of 123 cocaine pellets weighing 847 grams with a street value of N$423 500. He faces charges of drug trafficking.

Huyeye’s case was postponed after his defence attorney failed to show up at court. Also, the case docket and lab results were not at court when proceedings began.

Katutura magistrate Bernedine Kubersky ordered a final remand for the case to be heard on June 13, as the court had not been given an explanation on the absence of the lawyer and the case items.

Huyeye had swallowed cocaine pellets with the hope they would not be detected and had planned to smuggle them through airport security.

The Angolan national was in transit from Sao Paulo, Brazil, via South Africa, en route to Angola via Namibia when Namibian police intercepted him.

After his arrest, Huyeye was hospitalised in Katutura Intermediate Hospital for his stomach to be pumped, which resulted in the police finding 123 plastic coated pellets of cocaine.

According to a New Era source the suspect was very lucky to have walked away with his life as some of the pellets were about to burst, while others had burst already.

Huyeye will remain in custody at Katutura Police Station until the matter returns to court on June 13.


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