Veteran Affairs promises customer satisfaction


Ngaevarue Katjangua

Windhoek-The Office of Veterans Affairs in the Office of the Vice President has launched a Customer Service Charter that promises to ensure customer satisfaction in its dealings with the public. Speaking at the launch yesterday, Deputy Minister of Veterans Affairs Hilma Ndinelago Nicanor stressed that the charter is Veterans Affairs’ assurance of a benchmark in service provision.

“We come here today not to launch just another document, but indeed to witness an assurance: that of providing a benchmark in service provision synonymous with excellence,” said Nicanor.

The Service Charter was launched in line with the Government Public Service Act and Harambee Prosperity Plan in its commitment to serve its clients with integrity and dignity. The Customer Service Charter serves as the implementation tool of the general principles of the Namibia Public Service Charter, which consists of ten general principles, including courtesy, helpfulness, transparency and quality of service, amongst others.

Nicanor emphasised that the Service Charter ought to stress the African Charter on the Values and Principles of Public Services Administration, whose rationale is to build trust in government by establishing predictable and consistent service delivery standards that will ensure that citizens are treated fairly, equitably and without bias.

The charter aims to set the scope and levels of service that can be expected and convincingly and adequately delivered in normal circumstances and within the available resources. It will function as a way in which Veterans Affairs can directly account to customers and further sets a benchmark against which the promise of customer satisfaction can be measured.

The deputy minister urged her co-workers to do their best and commit to excellence in service delivery: “I thus implore you to do your utmost best to commit to excellence and live by what you have promised yourselves in this Charter. Promise me that you will improve on this trend and that no stone will be left unturned in providing superior services.”


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