Murderers used stolen car to kill on-duty security guard


Staff Reporter

Windhoek-A stolen red Toyota Hilux bakkie was used in the murder of the on-duty security guard in Windhoek last month, Nampol Khomas regional commander Commissioner Silvanus Nghishidimbwa told New Era yesterday.

It is alleged that the suspects shot security guard Andreas Siremo, 34, more than five times before fleeing the scene at the junction of Simmentaler Street and Hosea Kutako Road during the early hours of April 23.

The police believe the suspects had intended to kill Siremo who was employed by a local security company.

The incident happened in Northern Industria between 01:00 and 02:00 on April 23. The police say one of the suspects got out of the stolen car and approached Siremo, who was seated in his vehicle, and fired fatal shots into Siremo before driving off. New Era learnt that there were people in the vicinity who witnessed the incident.

A vehicle of similar description was later found the same day burnt out on the gravel road in Northern Industria. Commissioner Nghishidimbwa yesterday confirmed that the vehicle might be the very one used in the crime but said it was stolen before it was used in the commission of crime.

He said the vehicle was stolen the same evening from an area where second-hand vehicles are sold in Northern Industria.

Asked if there have been any arrests, Nghishidimbwa said the police do not have enough information to arrest any suspects.

Nghishidimbwa called on anyone with information on anyone who could be a suspect to approach the police. “Their safety and identity will be protected,” he said.

Nghishidimbwa stated the police met with some witnesses who identified the vehicle used in the crime but the person(s) who drove the vehicle had not yet been identified.

New Era earlier reported that is alleged Siremo backtracked on an agreement to conspire to steal money. However, his family refuted the allegation stating that Siremo had called a relative to say that his vehicle had run out of fuel and was parked on the side of the road.

Siremo had also told the relative that he was waiting for his employer to respond to his call.


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