Windhoek car wash owner feels the pinch


Ngaevarue Katjangua

Windhoek-A former owner of a car wash closed down by the City Police early this year, Uatjizaije Mujoro, has slammed the Windhoek Municipality for his debts he is struggling to pay.

The City Police, a division of the City of Windhoek, clamped down on illegal car washes operating in the capital in January this year, alluding they had to be registered and should meet certain requirements in order to operate.

Mujoro claimed the City Police told car wash owners that part of the reasons for shutting down their business was to allow the municipality to build drainage systems that would channel water into the city’s recycling system, and then owners would be allowed to register the car washes.

The city council earlier this year also bemoaned the general shortage of water in the city’s supply dams – which was another reason why car washes, especially those operating illegally, had to be closed down.

The truth, however, seemed diffused when the young entrepreneur went to register his HotSpot car wash, located in Claudius Street in Wanaheda, leaving him confused.

“In February this year I took it upon myself to build the drainage system required for me to register my business. I spent up to N$13 000 to build the drainage system, only to be told I still cannot register my business because there is no water,” said Mujoro.

He stressed that shutting down his business has left him with bills of more than N$10 000, which he is struggling to settle.

“I had to pay my four employees from my own pocket after the car wash was shut down. I had to pay water and electricity bills, and I had machines I took on instalments, which I had to pay without a running business. I hoped by building the required drains I will be back in business soon, but no,” said the car wash owner.

The businessman said he wondered why the municipality was never open about the precise motives behind shutting down car washes.

Municipal spokesperson Lydia Amutenya, when contacted for comment, could not address Mujoro’s concerns yesterday afternoon.


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