Shaningwa rejects council recommendation


Aron Mushaukwa

Katima Mulilo-Minister of Urban and Rural Development Sophia Shaningwa has rejected Katima Mulilo Town Council’s recommendations for the position of chief executive officer of Katima Mulilo Town Council, New Era can reveal.

This newspaper reported in March that about six candidates were interviewed for the vacant position of CEO, however it has been about two months and no appointment has been done. Sources with knowledge of the matter say this is because Minister Shaningwa and the leaders of Katima Mulilo Town Council are not singing from the same hymn book.

Following New Era’s publication in March the top management in the region accused this reporter of fabricating the report, claiming that what was published was nothing but lies. Two applicants, Martin Limbo and Boniface Mutumba, were said to have been among those who did well in the interviews, however this has thus far been dispelled by some of the regional leaders.

Shaningwa neither confirmed nor denied that she had rejected the recommendations, although she hinted she was not pulling in the same direction as the town council. “There are some small issues which still need to be resolved between me and council before the appointment is made. It should be understood that nobody is heading on their own,” said Shaningwa.

Pressed to reveal what issues needed to be resolved and whether these issue arose because she did not agree with the recommendations of the council, the minister remained tight-lipped. “No, I believe in the administration of the council, but we should act as a State. If we are not coordinating things are not going to go well,” she said.

She added that the matter is being finalised and that an agreement will soon be reached. “I am just a minister. I don’t do appointments, but if we talk from the start things will go well. Not only when things are bad, that is when you consult the minister. You should just wait a little bit longer. We are getting there,” she advised.


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