Motorist robbed of N$33,000


Staff Reporter

Windhoek-Another vehicle owner was targeted this week when thieves stole N$33,400 was stolen from his vehicle.

The incident happened along Voigt Street in the southern industrial area of Windhoek on Monday afternoon when unknown suspects broke the right rear-window of a Toyota Land Cruiser double cab. The suspect/s reportedly stole the bag containing the money and disappeared.

City Police spokesperson Cillie Auala told New Era the victim withdrew the money from a bank at FNB Aussplannplatz and noticed a man wearing a cap in the bank, who somehow appeared suspicious: “The police suspect the victim was followed from the bank. No arrest was made so far, but police investigations continue.

“This is a growing concern, therefore we would like to warn public members to be alert when doing huge transactions in the bank, specifically withdrawals, and to be mindful of their surroundings after leaving the bank. They must be vigilant and look out for any suspicious person or vehicle that could be following them.”

Auala said the police recently arrested a bank teller for tipping off criminals to rob a person, who had withdrawn a large amount of money. She said the police established there was collusion between the bank teller and the criminals.

She further said people should avoid cash withdrawals if possible, or alternatively, it is advisable that members of the public use electronic fund transfers (EFTs). The City police advised the public to be cautious and not to leave valuable in their vehicles.

Auala further said they would request banking institutions to take steps to prevent such crimes, by improving their on-premise security and preventing loitering inside their premises. She said after bank withdrawals people should avoid unnecessary stops and not leave their money in the vehicle, as theft from cars is on the rise in the city.


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