Young author publishes poetry anthology


Pinehas Nakaziko

Windhoek-Young author and environmental biology student at the University of Namibia (Unam), Leo Tileni Lucas, also known as Leo Mbalamana, has released his first poetry anthology titled Poetic Justice.

“The main aim of writing the book was simply to motivate fellow students or just the general public that anything is possible, and all you need is hard work, dedication and the ability to remain focused, and also just striving to be a better individual every day,” says the 21-year-old, adding that the anthology covers love, friendship and education.

He wishes the book will motivate readers and also encourages them to pursue their goals. Works of other poets are included in the anthology. “The reason is to give other authors an opportunity to have their work published in an actual book,” says Leo, adding that his second anthology will be published in September. “I am so excited.”

Those interested to get a copy of the book may contact Leo via


  1. Leo Mbalamana, poet or fame chaser…

    One can swear that he is someone passionate about poetry until you realise he only wanted the nation to recognise him. Leo came to us with a bunch of make belief stories, he approached us and asked to add our work in his book. Being lovers of literature, we wanted our work to be recognised. He kept on telling us that the publishers would be a Chinese or Japanese firm somewhere in southern industrial, warned us not to add images of ourselves to give some imagery vibe to the poem but instead we should add artistic pictures. He never called us to look at the draft of the book and we never even gave him the contracts. I remember asking him about the publishers, twice and all he said was they are “legit”.

    When the book finally came out the first thing I looked at was the name of the publishers, it was his name all over the cover. Page numbers are missing. No table of contents. No descriptions of the book or the authors. The artistic images that were sent to him were replaced with his personal pictures from his gallery. Pictures did not correspond to the poems. For example, in one of M.K.K Haingura’s piece, the title is ” What defines a women” instead of “What defines a woman”. The picture next to it is of himself. God knows why! Blame the editor?

    Those that bought the book will see that it is promoting, his brand and his co-authors are just ride alongs. The worst part is, he changed our work, without our consent, he changed the titles, deleted stanzas and still wrote our names at the bottom of the poem. Our pieces lost meaning and this is an insult to our intelligence. We can not claim that as our own and telling him to remove our work or to atleast meet up with us was useless because the guy ignored us, he disappeared on us. Infact he went as far as blocking us on WhatsApp.

    Yes we learned a lesson but how were we to know that Leo Mbalamana is just some young man with the mentality of a corrupt and selfish soul. If he still ignores us, we will take this up legally. An editor will never change someone’s work to make it suit their preference. We gave him a chance to maturely talk things out with us but instead he chose to keep quiet, sell the books and feel famous. We feel sorry for those who had to buy the book for N$100 and get dissapointed in the end. That book is not even worth a penny… in fact, is the title even legitimate? Poetic Justice? That’s an injustice to poetry. We do not want to be associated with such unprofessional conduct and unethical behaviour from a person that calls himself a poet. This actually shows how much of a total plagiarist he is.

    N.B original pieces are available on request

    Dissapointed co-authors


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