!Haib grateful for donation to kindergarten


Matheus Hamutenya

!Haib-It was all excitement last Friday as Liyaloo Women’s Group donated N$13,000 towards the upgrading of the !Haib kindergarten at that settlement and the community members could not be more thankful.

The kindergarten with its two teachers caters for about 25 children from the tiny !Haib settlement, but the learning and teaching process has not been going smoothly due to a lack of teaching aids, learning materials and other needs.

This was however resolved on Friday when Liyaloo Women’s Group donated to the kindergarten to make teaching and learning possible and easier. The community members present were overjoyed that their children will now get a good educational foundation from an early age.

One of the teachers, Selma Snewe, could not hide her excitement, indicating that despite the commitment from her and her colleague to make the best of the teaching materials at their disposal, it is sometimes impossible to achieve the needed lesson outcome without the necessary materials.

“It makes teaching very difficult for us without the teaching materials. The building is there, but it is empty,” she said on the lack of teaching aids and other materials.

She said the donation will not only help the teachers, but will benefit the children, as they will be able to learn more than in the past, as they will be exposed to different teaching methods.

Snewe thanked the donors, saying it is very good to note that there are still those that think of empowering rural areas and said the school and the community would make very good use of the donation.

Karasburg East Constituency Councillor Dennis Coetzee urged the parents in the area to make use of the improved facilities, saying education is the future of the Namibian child and all children must get a decent education.

“Education starts at home, but if we have facilities like this, let’s use them and let us enrol our children to be moulded and groomed for primary school,” he urged.

He also called on other companies to emulate the example of Liyaloo Women Group and invest in education, saying the private sector should not have any excuses but should invest where it is needed, as these are the people that contribute to the success of their businesses.


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