Swapo members urged to be wary of lies


Matheus Hamutenya

Karasburg-Swapo members in the Karasburg district were urged to be cautious over lies formed against the party and its leadership.

Speaking at the belated 57 year birthday celebrations of the Swapo Party, Karasburg district chairperson of the Swapo Party Elders Council Josef Konjore called on members to unite and be on the lookout for destructive forces that spread lies about the party and its leaders, with the aim of causing disunity.

He pointed to South African President Jacob Zuma and the African National Congress as a good example, saying those who want to cause division, are using lies and propaganda to tarnish his image and that of the ruling ANC and called on members to guard against such a situation.

He said it is important for members of the party to be united, dedicated and informed, so that they make informed decisions about the party and the country as a whole. “How much do you know? How much do you want to know? If you do not know, then you will be taken for a ride,” he warned.

He further said informed members will always be united, as without unity any discordant elements could destroy the party with lies, such as those being formed against Zuma and his government. He characterised it as a smear campaign against Zuma by those who want to tarnish his name, by persistently labelling him as corrupt.

He told the members present to be vigilant and guard against such a situation within the party and the country as a whole. “Those same lies can be told against Swapo and its leaders, so you must remain informed and be activists of the party.”

He added that Swapo’s struggle for national liberation would be in vain if party members are not united, disciplined, knowledgeable and committed towards the goals of the party.

The event also saw Karasburg East Constituency Councillor Dennis Cooetzee read President Hage Geingob’s speech to a cheerful crowd, while cultural groups entertained the guests.


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