Southern Business School Namibia graduates 225


Staff Reporter

Windhoek-Southern Business School Namibia recently capped 225 graduates in different programmes with degrees.

The figure shows a steady increase in the number of students graduating each year from Southern Business School Namibia and that students are pursuing higher levels of study.

The students received masters, honours and bachelor degrees and certificates in various fields, having sacrificed plenty to obtain these NQA-recognised qualifications. Sleepless nights, time away from family, missing out on social engagements, just to finish the required assignments, all led to this graduation ceremony for the students.

Albin Jacobs, director of SBS Namibia, presided over the graduation as master of ceremonies and made the welcoming remarks, whilst Jerry Beukes, CEO: Namibia Training Authority, gave the keynote address. He emphasised the need for education and educated people to help in building Namibia further.

“Most of the graduates today were juggling a full-time job whilst opting to pursue tertiary education through distance learning with SBS Namibia. Not an easy road to take when wanting to improve your education levels, but ultimately very rewarding for both the individual and country.

“These students are not only ensuring a better life for themselves through education, but are empowering the nation through knowledge. That is an incredibly powerful notion and one that we at SBS Namibia are extremely proud of, and in turn we share in the pride and accomplishments of our students who have worked so hard. Distance education is a real and viable alternative to pursuing tertiary education.”


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