Meatco urges producers to deliver animals on time


Staff Reporter

Windhoek-Meatco is urging producers, especially those living in the Windhoek area, to ensure that delivery trucks arrive at the abattoir early due to the wintertime adjustment.

Undamuje Hambira is advising producers not take advantage of their distance from the abattoir to travel late in the afternoon since unforeseen incidents can occur. Meatco will only make exceptions for breakdowns and other incidents that have been communicated to the Service Office in advance.

It is the responsibility of the producer to ensure all relevant, valid documents accompany the delivery truck. All documents must be completed correctly and signed off by the producer or his representative, before departing from the farm of origin.

Incomplete documentation might result in animals being sent back to the farm of origin. The 90/40 days report must also be attached as proof of verification and must accompany the delivery truck. Furthermore, it is imperative that producers themselves complete the movement permits and that each permit includes a separate departure form.

Producers are urged to read their booking confirmation documentation, as well as the Sales Advice for more information.

Producers are further cautioned against the delivery of sick animals to the abattoir, as well as those with other conditions, such as injection marks and those without eartags. Producers have until May 31 to sign Slaughter Cattle Delivery Agreements with Meatco for the third period that runs from July to September 2017.

Meatco urges producers to sign delivery agreements until May 31 May to obtain slaughter allocations well in advance for this period. Pay-outs for the contact premiums of the first period that stretched from January to March, would have been paid by the end of April.

Producers who have signed a contract with Meatco and delivered a minimum of 90% cattle during this period qualify for a contract premium of N$2.50/kg delivered.


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