Kavango Block Brick nominated for European Quality award


Staff Reporter

Windhoek-The Socrates Nomination Committee of the European Business Assembly (EBA) has nominated Kavango Block Brick Namibia (KBB) for the European Quality Award in the sphere of quality and management.

The nomination was submitted in conjunction with recommendations by the Swiss Institute for Quality Standards (SIQS), which recommended KBB as being eligible for the award after meeting the required criteria in the areas of competitive advantage, quality of services and technology.

The European Quality award is given to prominent regional companies who successfully satisfy their customers and KBB was selected as one of the best regional representatives meeting all specified criteria.

European Quality winners will be afforded national prestige and confirmation of excellence of their goods/services in the European markets. Information about winners will be published on the EBA website and in the Socrates Almanac.

KBB’s founding member, Heinrich Schroeder, said he was proud to announce the company’s nomination of the award, as he believes that not only will it promote KBB but also boost international recognition and capabilities of Namibian innovative technologies.

The European Quality Awards will be presented in Lucerne Switzerland during the Excellence in Quality Summit being held between July 3 and 4. The event is expected to draw attendance from prominent regional producers, top-level businessmen and international quality experts.

Schroeder added that the international research conducted by the Swiss is based on the quality of the KBB technical information, which has been shared internationally over the last ten years at numerous international housing conferences.

Internationally, KBB has been endorsed and accepted as a cost-effective fit for purpose Innovative Building Technology.

Schroeder noted that the invitation by the EBA with the backing of the SIQS extended to KBB is not only a great honour for KBB but for Namibia as recognition of its capability in providing innovative solutions for economic development and growth.

“Within the Namibian construction and infrastructure development sector, all stakeholders need to join the house of reasoning in order to reason out tangible solutions to move the Harambee Prosperity cities dream plan forward,” he concluded.


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