Encouraging financial wellness through workplace banking


Staff Reporter

Windhoek-Employees’ financial problems can spill over into the workplace, disrupting productivity, it is therefore important to promote employee Financial Wellness through Workplace Banking.

Owing to this, Standard Bank this year dedicated its time at the recent Mining Expo and Conference to informing the mining fraternity of the importance of workplace banking.
“Standard Bank through its Workplace Banking program would like to encourage people to spend within their means and earnings especially when looking at the day to day expenses and how they can also leave a portion for saving as well, especially in this trying economic climate.

“Most of the times Namibians spend more than what they earn resulting in unnecessary debt and worry, so that is why it’s important for them to also save for the future,” Standard Bank’s workplace banking manager, Cicelia Hagen-Cloete, advised various companies at the Mining Expo and Conference.

Curbing the negative impact of financial issues such a low morale, low performance and poor productivity, through financial education (workplace banking), companies can be rest assured that employees’ value proposition will be enhanced.

The spillage of financial woes over into the workplace can lead to a loss of profits for the business. As such, basic financial education for employees is an essential investment for every business.

“Workplace banking also offers fully integrated end to end sales and service options to staff. Our aim is to provide packaged solutions to assist employees to move forward in life – making banking simple, convenient, affordable and accessible,” Hagen-Cloete explained.

Through workplace banking consultants can help employees reach their financial goals through a range of topics with the bank’s consultants, topics such as financial planning, budgeting, saving through investments, Will and estate planning, as well as day to day banking.

Hagen-Cloete stressed that financially empowered employees can take control of personal finances, allowing them to experience a strong sense of wellness and health, focus on their work and be more productive in the company.

“Our wide range of banking channels from mobile sales consultants and branches through to internet banking, means employees may interact with us at times that are most convenient to them,” she noted.


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