Business conference planned for Tsumeb


Obrein Simasiku

Omuthiya-Organisers of a business conference mooted for Tsumeb early next month hope to strengthen and integrate the community and business leaders at the town to work together to foster development.

The conference, slated for June 1-2, aims to attract around 500 individuals, and is being organised by Brasius Business Solutions Investment, in conjunction with Tsumeb Municipality as the custodians. It would be the first Business Conference and Trade Mart at the town.

“Unity among the community members, leaders and stakeholders of this town should be strengthened to provide more support for the greater good of our community. We all are in the pursuit of happiness and it is only through unity and running the same race that we will be able to achieve the goals to improve the living standards in Tsumeb, which in turn encourages development,” stated the organising teamleader Vusi Shiponeni.

Shiponeni said they want to encourage a love of entrepreneurship and the development of talent and skills in Tsumeb.

“This will birth a revolution of entrepreneurial-minded individuals that are motivated, inspired and transformed by the renewal of their mindset from jobseekers to job creators, as well as people that will be united to work together to create the Tsumeb dream,” he added.

Shiponeni believes Tsumeb is a small town with a lot of investment and business potential.
“Every dream is birthed with an idea, but you can only dream once you know that you can afford it and most people’s dreams in Tsumeb are at an arm’s reach and you rarely find people with dreams that are beyond the ends of this earth.

Therefore, we need visionaries, leaders in every sphere, movers and shakers of current affairs and problem solvers. Greatness should be what we think of in our community, country and the world. This is our moment that we have been waiting for and it is now that we start feeling alive to do what we wish and to impact the world we live in,” he says.

Shiponeni notes that while change is slow the community should work towards catalysing the change, because it is the responsibility of all residents of the town to bring about the needed transfromation.

“We have done the same thing over and over, expecting a different result and it is now time that we change the strategy,” he says. A total of 150 exhibitors are expected to grace the occasion, which will include performances by local artists.


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