Okombahe to relocate olive project


Eveline de Klerk

The Erongo Regional Council will relocate its olive project at Okombahe to another location at the tiny rural settlement in the Erongo region.

The project, launched three years ago at Okombahe in the Daures Constituency, has experienced problems with water supply.

Speaking to New Era last week, Chief Regional Officer of Erongo region, Natalia Goagoses, said the regional council had exhausted all options in its quest for a supply of borehole water to the project.

“All boreholes turned up dry on the land allocated to the project.  As a result council has to move the project closer to the nearest water source,” she said.

The Erongo Regional Council launched the project in 2014 in partnership with the Namsov Community Trust to reduce poverty through sustainable self-employment creation in the Daures Constituency.

Namsov and the regional council committed N$500 000 each to make the project a reality.
Goagoses said that all partners and stakeholders were still committed to getting the project off the ground.

“We really want to make this project a reality and anticipate starting the project during this financial year,” she said.

Goagoses described the project as a significant one that would enhance the living conditions of Okombahe resident.  The project will focus on value addition processing and the regional council expects it will create hundreds of employment opportunities for residents in the Daures constituency.

Goagoses went on to say that both the public sector and private businesses were ready to assist the council in making the project a reality.
“We will soon re-launch the project. The funds are there, we just need to relocate the project,” she said.


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