Windhoekers loot cargo that fell off truck


Staff Reporter

The Ohlthaver & List Group manager for communications, Roux-ché Locke, has confirmed that the truck involved in an accident on Friday morning, which resulted in people looting crates of beer, belonged to Steyn Transport.
Locke said the accident occurred at approximately 06h45 on the Monte Christo Road while Imperial Logistics Namibia was using the truck.
“The driver of the vehicle, which was loaded with beer from NBL Windhoek destined for one of NBL’s customers in Windhoek, had to swerve for another vehicle, which caused his cargo to dislodge,” she stated.
She added that none of the stock was recovered due to the pilferage. “Unfortunately we cannot divulge any information around the value of the loss,” because it is sensitive information Locke said.
She also added that no one could predict incidents of that nature, “…and unfortunately we do not have control over the public when it comes to pillaging,” Locke added.


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