Erongo wants village status for its settlements


Eveline de Klerk


The Erongo Regional Council wants to upgrade settlements in the region to village councils. Despite not receiving adequate funding from the line ministry, the Erongo Regional Council says it is prioritising rural development and currently focussing on Omajette, after which it will seek village status for the settlement.

During an interview with New Era, Erongo chief regional officer Nathalia Goagoses said the council wants settlements in the region to benefit from the current economic and industrial  transformation the region is experiencing.

“We want to bring development to our settlements – therefore we have to prioritise sewage systems development and rural electrification as this in turn can create additional business benefits for residents,” she said.

Goagoses explained that the regional council does not really have a budget for rural development but is optimistic to bring change and development that will bring self-sustainable opportunities to residents.

The regional council generates about N$6 million from its seven municipalities.
“Each municipality contributes five percent from its revenue made through rates and taxes to council which is channelled through to our settlements to bring about much needed services such as water and sanitation.”

Significant improvements have been made in the settlements compared to five years ago, said the CRO.

“Last year we completed traditional authority offices in Omatjette and sewerage and sanitation services in Uis. We are currently also working with NamWater to find a permanent solution for the water issue in Uis,” she said.
Goagoses expressed her appreciation to all the municipalities that are honouring their legal obligation towards the council.

“Their contribution means a lot to the council as it adds value to the lives of those living in rural areas,” she said.


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