Why not honour Hainyeko and Simbwaye?


Though over-used, the adage “action speaks louder than words” is as true and prevalent as daylight in the Land of the Brave.

Many a time we sing praises of our heroes and heroines, in speeches, songs and poetry. However, we fail to do the simplest of things to honour them.
I was surprised recently that many of our people do not know that Cde Tobia Hainyeko, first commander of PLAN, is buried in Mangongo near the banks of the Zambezi River, close to where the Nylon Pontoon used to dock, the spot where he was killed.
No effort has been made to date to at least fence the area, or even put a simple sign to proclaim that here lies a gallant son of the Namibian revolution.
I was equally surprised that the leadership and general public are unaware of the tree, which stands in the centre of Katima Mulilo town, where Cde Brendan Simbwaye was tied to in 1972, when the occupiers paraded him there as a form of mockery. There is no sign on that tree to indicate our glorious history laid down by the likes of Simbaye.
What do we really honour when we sing “their blood waters our freedom”…..and “their blood sustains us”? Streets and photos in libraries and museums? Surely we can do better than just sing!

Charles Mubita


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