Dancing sports finally makes her debut


Carlos Kambaekwa

Local dancers will take to the floor as Flash Mob presents dance sports in the country Independence Avenue in front of Markham’s outfitters opposite the Zoo Park in the heart of Windhoek City tomorrow, starting at 10h30 sharp.

Namibia’s commercial hub will be a hive of activity when athletes turn their attention to some unfamiliar sporting activities. The impulse to dance is within all human beings and those with loose limbs have chosen to take the art to the next level, while others elect to keep their dance moves to themselves.

Nonetheless, life is a about dancing, as it has the desired effect to bring out happiness in human beings. And human beings, young and old, are actually dancing constantly with every movement they make, every ounce of breath they inhale and with every movement of their heartbeats – hence the creation of rhythm in the human body.

It is the slightest movements that make the greatest difference in a performance; just as in life, it’s always the little things that matter. Dance is the ultimate connection between yourself and the universe because when people are dancing they are developing themselves based on the energy, emotions and above all, the challenges they experience.

It’s up to people to determine how they want to communicate their dancing to the rest of world. Dance is the ultimate form of self-expression and the escape that always reminds us that everything is going to be OK.


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