Oshikuku’s FNB agency officially opened


Staff Reporter

CEO of FNB Namibia, Sarel van Zyl and the mayor of Oshikuku, Mbockoma Mungandjera, officially opened the FNB Oshikuku agency on April 20, 2017.

In his address, Van Zyl said that Oshikuku, and the greater Omusati region had been on the radar of First National Bank for many years since the bank set up its first representation there in the form of its first ATM.

“Coming to Oshikuku provides us with the unique opportunity of coming closer to our customers. This agency is intended to serve the surrounding communities effectively and therefore, it will be open for as long as the customers need our services.

“The agency is also open on Saturdays to facilitate the businesses of our customers and patrons. All of this is aimed at getting closer to our customers. Herewith my solid assurance – that service in this agency will not only be one of excellence but also one of convenience and customer-friendliness to all those who enter our doors,” said Van Zyl.

“Our ATM was installed at Oshikuku years ago to provide essential banking services without any rudimentary banking activities here. But like all endeavours, growth is a constant factor, so in line with the current activities such as the number of commercial houses now in this area, it became an important goal for us to provide services closer to our customers here, hence our decision today to open this agency,” Van Syl added.

He added that FNB Namibia is continuously looking at ensuring a pleasant banking experience for all customers, aiming to provide affordable and accessible banking channels to both the business and consumer segments throughout the country.

“Our operations at FNB are driven by our brand mantra of “How can we help you?” This is an open invitation to all our stakeholders, including our clients, partners and of course our more than many employees – to talk to us and share ideas on how we can improve,” said Van Zyl.

He continued that the FNB corporate brand could be seen all over the country, either through branches or agencies and strategic partnerships.
“As Namibia’s oldest financial services provider, we will continue to help by supporting our government to steer the Namibian economic and financial agenda towards Vision 2030.

“Our involvement can be witnessed by how much we contribute to state coffers through direct and indirect taxes and to the upliftment and development of communities through the FNB Foundation Trust.”


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