Walvis Bay resident wins N$250 000 with Nedbank


Staff Reporter


Last week Thursday started off like any other day for Johannes Amupanda Shigwedha of Walvis Bay, only it ended in him winning N$250 000 from Nedbank.

For the past 30 years, Shigwedha woke up every weekday to work as an electrician to support himself and his family. Seven years ago, he started banking his monthly salary into a Nedbank account and on Thursday when he turned up for work, he was told to visit the Nedbank Walvis Bay Branch as a matter of urgency.

“I was a little bit scared, you know when the bank calls you in, you never know what to expect. So, I complied and was at the bank at the time they told me to be there. I only started to relax once I saw that they had a red carpet laid out for me when I got there,” he said.

Once at the Nedbank Walvis Bay branch, Shigwedha was informed that his name had been drawn in the Nedbank Win Your Share of N$1 Million competition draw and that he was the N$250,000 bonus draw winner, and the last winner in the competition, which started in June last year.

“I was absolutely speechless when I heard the news. It took a while for it to sink in. It is still so unbelievable. I would never have thought that one day I would win such a huge amount of money, just for banking with a specific bank. Thank you to Nedbank.

“I am approaching my retirement soon, so I will use part of my winnings to buy some cattle for my farming operations. I’m also a father of nine children, so I will use some of the money to pay for my children to go to university,” said the ecstatic Shigwedha.

Nedbank launched the Win Your Share of N$1 Million competition in June l2016 as an incentive to its clients as a manner of rewarding them in an instantly gratifying manner for their loyalty and to present the bank as a partner of choice.

Through the competition, new and existing Nedbank clients stood a chance to win their share of the N$1 million, through monthly draws of N$50,000. A total of 10 Namibians have won through the competition, two of whom won a bonus cash prize of N$250,000 of which Shigwedha is the second.


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