Six to stand trial for conspired murder


Maria Amakali

The trial date is set for the woman who confessed to have conspired and hired men to kill her husband in Windhoek’s Goreangab area in 2015.

Annastancia Lubinda, 36, allegedly conspired with David Matali, 47, David Kondjara, 36, Abiud Uazeua 37, Donald Hindjou, 28, and Dollam Tjitjahuma, 29, to have her husband – 36-year-old Peter Riscoh Muleke – killed after allegedly having been a victim of domestic violence at his hands.

Muleke’s corpse was discovered in the vicinity of Goreangab dam on March 30, 2015 after he was stoned to death. Muleke succumbed to his injuries.

Lubinda and her five co-accused are expected to take the stand in the Windhoek High Court on November 1 and jointly answer to the charges of murder, conspiracy to commit murder and robbery with aggravating circumstances, according to the prosecution.

Lubinda, who confessed to the crimes during the bail application hearing in 2015, had explained that Matali was the brains behind the plot to kill her husband. She said that the murder would not have been committed without Matali as he was the influencing force after she had confessed her marital problems to him.

It is alleged that Matali was aware of Muleke’s death some hours before the victim’s body was discovered. It is furthermore alleged he had been looking for poison to kill Muleke. Matali allegedly referred Lubinda to a poison seller and hitman for her to get rid of her abusive husband.

Matali has denied all the allegations, stating that the poison was meant for the stray lions at the cattle post.

Lubinda was asked to pay N$7 000 for the murder of her husband, which was lowered to N$5 000 as she had indicated she could not afford it. However that did not deter her as she subsequently obtained a loan from a cash loan company to pay the hitmen.

Kandjara, Hindjou, Uazeua and Tjitjahuma have all denied having a hand in Muleke’s gruesome murder. Judge Christie Liebenberg informed all six accused that they will remain in custody until they reappear in court for their trial in November.


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