Tsumeb assures residents its water is safe


Obrein Simasiku

Tsumeb residents were incensed last week after they detected brownish water coming out of their taps and many expressed fears that the water was unhygienic and unsafe, however the municipality has given assurances that the water is safe to drink and that the situation has since been resolved.

Tsumeb chief executive officer Alfeus Benjamin said the situation was caused by a broken main water supply pipe that was being attended to.

“Tsumeb residents are used to living to certain standards of service and sometimes people tend to live as if they are in a problem-free world… What happened is that there was a main water pipe burst and we informed the community that it might take five hours to repair while some parts [of town] didn’t have water at all. When it was repaired the distribution went back to normal,” Benjamin explained.

“This is a normal case whenever there was a broken pipe. Technically when repairing a pipe underground there will be soil going in the pipe and other dirt, which will fall in the pipes, but soon after the water starts running such things will need to be washed away for some time while the water is running,” he explained.

Benjamin stressed it does not necessarily mean that when the tap water is brownish that it is not fit for consumption. “We normally ask [the residents] if the situation continues for a long time they must report it to us, so that we can deal with the matter. Here and there such issues will occur after repairs,” he said.


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