Otjozondjupa lays waste management blueprint


Obrein Simasiku

Otjozondjupa governor Otto Iipinge has vowed to tackle waste management in the region’s five towns, thus the launch of a blueprint shaping the roadmap on how all the towns can work together in achieving the common goal.

Such projects will target towns such as Okahandja which has been a public eyesore for being untidy.

Among notable solutions proposed is to recycle waste which can be used in industries. Launching the Waste Management Forum in Grootfontein last week, Iipinge said he took it upon himself to unite the region as he realised there was a lack of coordination among the towns, which rather exhibited competition among themselves.

“Dirtiness in the region has been a top story from time to time and we are not doing well in addressing that,” the governor said.

“Otjozondjupa is one and as a region you cannot be happy that one town is doing well while the other is not. Therefore what I want is to have a clean region,” said Iipinge, imploring different town councils to work together and see how they can all keep their towns clean in unison without leaving others behind.

Iipinge was on his familiarisation visit to Grootfontein to introduce the idea to businesses and community members. The programme has already been launched in Okakarara, Okahandja and Otavi, with Otjiwarongo scheduled for a launch this week.

Meanwhile, the forum’s secretary Ernst Katjiku said the forum is a representation of all towns to have well-coordinated waste management control in the region.

“All towns will work together, hence the issue of human capacity should no longer be the reason for other towns to lag behind because this forum will foster cooperation among the municipalities, working together in challenging areas,” explained Katjiu.

The forum will consist of committee members of all town CEOs, mayors, chairpersons of management committees and waste/environmental specialists.

Iipinge used the occasion to inform councillors and CEOs that there is a need to create universal bylaws for the whole region as some town councils do not have such laws in place to enforce some of the issues.


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